Continuous Integration Specialist

Do you have a track record in DevOps & build, test and deployment automation? 
IT - DevOps & SRE

Job description

You would be the product team member who’ll relentlessly reduce our cycle time by building and improving pipelines to automatically build and test our software.

You’ll work closely with our Site Reliability Engineering team to deliver artifacts that can be optimally deployed to our different environments.

You’ll be contributing to product analysis and design, by applying the latest CI best practices and using modern technology when building pipelines, and by contributing to quality assurance.


Would you like to join a cross-functional and self-steering Scrum team?

Do you believe, like we do, in automating everything, from a code commit to a deployment in a production environment?

Do you also feel that quality and security should be top-of-mind for everyone?

Are you aware of the state-of-the-art in DevOps and build, test, and deployment automation? Do you have a track record in these fields?

Would you have no fear diving into years of legacy and helping us modernize and innovate? Will you challenge our choices, present and past, and openly suggest improvements?

Do you get a kick out of sharing your knowledge with your colleagues and engaging with your fellow team members to find the possible solution to any problem you encounter together?

Would you work with colleagues to improve their skills and mindset, based on your own experience?

Company profile

Join us at Isabel Group (°1995) and together, we’ll start shaping your career journey within Belgium’s first FinTech, where change happens continuously.

We are a learning organization that believes in:
• Customer Focus
• Innovation
• Agility
• Ownership and accountability
• Continuous relentless improvement
• Quality and security
• Having fun

Continuous Integration Specialist
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