Human Resources Officer

To take responsibility for local HR support in one of our subsidiaries in France (Clearnox) by monitoring, coordinating, and carrying out the activities within Human Resources (such as Recruitment & Selection, Compensation & Benefits, Training & Development, Personnel, etc.).
Human Resources

Your role

  • Take responsibility for the operational daily management of activities within your professional area in partnership, if required, with external consultancy partners to ensure that the best results are achieved for the department cost-efficiently and with a high quality.
  • Manage HR processes such as salary review, training needs collection…) in close cooperation with Business Leaders and CHRO, provide expert inputs across a range of HR issues (Comp& Ben, L&D, Performance Mgt, organization design, job rotation…).
  • Support the group recruitment team and local management with recruitment activities such as:
    • Intake with the hiring manager.
    • Propose and select sourcing channels.
    • Source and identify applicants (using different job websites, Social Media, incoming applications, job fairs, agencies, etc.)
    • Perform screenings, tests and interviews that should allow us to measure technical expertise, competencies and future potential to ensure that we can provide the involved management team with recommendations.
    • Match the open requests with the available candidates.
    • Advising hiring managers in final selection about the best possible match with candidates considering the market conditions and business requirements
    • Build competitive offer in close collaboration with Hiring manager, CHRO.
    • Present the salary package and send the proposal to the candidate. Explain the standard contract conditions to the candidate.
  • Take responsibility for the administrative processing of all information (from line management) that relates to the payment of wages and salaries to ensure that the correct and timely payment of wages can be safeguarded.
  • Solve and follow up issues about personal files to ensure that the best possible service can be offered to internal customers (= employees).
  • Supply information to and answer questions from internal employees to ensure that employees can be supervised and informed.
  • Ensure the preparation of employment contracts and amendments to the employment contract.
  • Maintain existing personnel management systems to ensure that we have correct and full information for all types of contracts (interim, employee, contractors)
  • Plays a part in the introduction of new staff (explaining the house rules, procedures, and the use of HR applications, etc.).
  • Ensure that the company complies with all relevant employment legislation and internal company policies to ensure compliance with all local social and labour laws.
  • Providing to line managers, HR Director, finance, all documentation, advice, support, reports, study regarding his specific HR field. (Social law, fiscal regulations, and Comp& ben) Work in a team to identify training and development needs within an organization through regular consultation within the team and with business managers. Design and expand training and development programs based on the needs of the organization and the individuals.
  • Monitor L&D initiatives and create awareness around it. Consider the costs of planned programs and keep within budgets. Plan and assess the 'return on investment' of any training or development program.
  • Manage HR processes such as salary review, training needs collection…) in close cooperation with Business Leaders and CHRO, provide expert inputs across a range of HR issues (Comp& Ben, L&D, Performance Mgt, organization design, job rotation…).
  • In close coordination with CHRO and local Managing Director, coordinate projects within your professional area in accordance with the set of group HR policy to ensure that you contribute towards implementation of the set goals for the department.
  • Co-assist when preparing and following up the plans about the personnel requirements in the long and long term to ensure personnel and departmental continuity and, thus, to ensure that each department can achieve the set goals.
  • Act as an internal specialist and formulate recommendations regarding HR-related topics to ensure that line management is exhorted to implement an HR policy in accordance with regulations and legislation.
  • Ensure you are well-informed about the evolutions and developments related to HR and that your knowledge is up to date within the context of the amendments to regulations to ensure your credibility can be strengthened by offering a service that is continuously based on updated knowledge.
  • You will work 50% of your time in Tours (France) & 1 or 2 times a month in Brussels. The rest is remote working.

Your profile

  • Master - Minimum 5 years of experience required
  • Proven track experience in recruitment of profiles
  • Good Labor Law Knowledge Skills
  • Talent & development background is a plus
  • Knowledge and experience of the business and its intricacies and an ability to communicate in business terms.
  • An ability to build long-term, trusting relationships with internal clients and with HR colleagues.
  • A focus on delivering business outcomes through making best use of the whole HR function and acting as a strong role-model for the rest of the team
  • Project Management and Change Management background
  • Time Management and Priorities Management
  • Interested by the IT sector
  • Good knowledge of French and English

Company profile

  • You will work for one of the units of the Isabel Group, the first & leading Fintech of Belgium (°1995). We are experts and know our stuff and we can rely on an eco-system of strategic partners to work with…
  • …and we look ahead and think about our customers’ future needs when developing new features and solutions
  • You will receive a competitive salary package accompanied by fringe benefits
  • Hybrid remote work
  • Personal development plan
  • Premium tools
  • Innovating project

AND a bunch of wonderful colleagues

Human Resources Officer
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