IsaGrad - Young Potential Program

About to graduate? Or on the look-out to kick-start your career? We have got you covered! 
IT - Software Engineering
IT - DevOps & SRE
IT - Data Engineering & Analytics
IT - Business & IT
IT - Infrastructure

Job description

Interested in a role as Product Owner, Business/Functional Analyst, Software Engineer, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineer, Digital Workplace Engineer, Systems/Network & Cloud Engineer or Data Engineer?

Great! During 9 months you'll get a taste of multiple disciplines within that domain and build hands-on experience on the path towards your dream role.

Not sure on a specific role yet but some of the above seem interesting enough to discover?

Also great! During 9 months, you'll cycle through different roles while covering varied activities in diverse departments of Isabel Group and will get a clear hands-on feel of your ideal role.

You will:

  • contribute to the successful delivery of our products
  • have covered various parts of our value stream
  • receive professional guidance & support throughout your journey
  • have made hands-on progress & be at the start of a glorious career at Isabel Group

Make your choice(s) and start your career journey

• Discover & Drive: What does it mean to be a Product Owner in an agile context? Are you more the entrepreneurial type or rather a Proxy PO? Context is king, come and explore.

• Refine & Define: Like diving into the details and really understanding the requirements of our customers? Experience what it is to be a Business/Functional Analyst.

• Create & Deliver: See how it feels to be part of a cross-functional scrum team? Pair programming, refining using virtual whiteboards, test & deliver.

• Deploy, Run & Monitor: DevOps or Site Reliability Engineering? Deploy components in an automated way and monitor their health to keep them running in our production environment.

• Connect Everything: We're in cloud, on-prem and have many end user devices. Top notch security combined with making things easy to use. Experience how we connect all the dots.

• Build the Foundations: Virtualization, platforms as a service, databases as a service or even serverless. Help us implement the best solutions in cloud or on-prem.

• Enable your Colleagues: Passionate about end-user IT? Help build a superb digital experience for all & facilitate true collaboration in the new normal of the hybrid workplace.

• Dive in the Data: It's the new oil they say, so get your hands dirty! We have tons of financial data (payments, invoices, accountancy, identities) so how can you put that to work to help our customers?

Company profile

Isabel Group is Belgium's first fintech and still today, we pioneer thanks to what our 350 colleagues achieve.

Apply today and:

  • start building your career from day one
  • gain valuable experience and find the role that fits you best
  • work on products that are used by 1,5 million people
  • learning from in-house experts & leaders


Flex Income Plan
Hybrid remote work
Personal development plan
Premium tools
Innovating projects
IsaFun surprises (also at home!)

AND a bunch of wonderful colleagues

IsaGrad - Young Potential Program
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