PaaS Engineer

We are looking for an OpenShift Engineer to implement, maintain and support our OpenShift environments using infrastructure-as-code and automation (Ansible) as well as GitOps (ArgoCD), following standards and security best practices across our different environments.
IT - DevOps & SRE

Your role

At Isabel Group Multicloud, PaaS, DevOps and SRE principles are good examples of how our IT Operations team is supporting in the business needs for faster and easier go-to-market.

We are currently looking for an OpenShift Engineer to implement, maintain and support our OpenShift environments using infrastructure-as-code and automation (Ansible) as well as GitOps (ArgoCD), following standards and security best practices across our different environments.

With the introduction of OpenShift 4, we are also looking into rolling out Service Mesh and codifying our operational knowledge into Operators to minimize repetitive tasks and ensure consistency across our different clusters.

At Isabel, an OpenShift Engineer should ensure systems are secure, stable and compliant to internal and external regulatory requirements. Being a player in the financial landscape, security should always be top-of-mind while ensuring it does not hinder the agility required of a FinTech.

You will:

  • ensure infrastructure delivery is automated and implemented with proper follow-up.
  • implement, maintain and support configuration management and automation across our operational environments in close collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • be part of a feature team to implement and deliver requests for infrastructure improvements and participate in defining optimal long-term solutions, considering the existing product portfolio.
  • spend half of your time on making sure the operational service is guaranteed; the other half on making the service more resilient and in automating ‘the hell out of everything’.
  • will provide your objective evaluation and substantiate your arguments for supporting new products or technologies and this in close collaboration with the SRE teams and our internal security risk team. This to achieve a financial industry grade secured solution.
  • maintain security, backup, and redundancy strategies to ensure fast disaster recovery and restoration of service.
  • provide 2nd and 3rd level support.

Your profile

  • have a solid understanding of the Linux operating system and hardware architectures & know how to maintain them.
  • like to automate repetitive tasks, preferably using Ansible, and are not afraid of writing Python code or plugins for it when needed.
  • know what GitOps is & have experience with the Operator Framework.
  • have professional experience with OpenShift and/or Kubernetes including day-2 operations (experience with Istio or other Service Meshes is a plus).
  • possess problem solving skills & the ability to work under pressure.
  • like working in a fast-paced, customer facing, 24/7 production.
  • have experience with private and public cloud environments.
  • know what DevOps is about and are actively working together with development and operational teams to improve business value.
  • Are fluent in English AND Dutch or English AND French.
  • willing to participate in a 24/7 support organization.

Why Isabel Group?

  • you will work for Isabel Group, the first & leading Fintech of Belgium (°1995). We are experts and know our stuff and we can rely on an eco-system of strategic partners to work with…
  • …and we look ahead and think about our customers’ future needs when developing new features and solutions.
  • during lunch, you can attend knowledge sharing sessions. Next to these we also have seven Communities of Practice you can join.
  • it takes about 42 steps from Brussels Central Station to our front door.
  • you will receive a competitive salary package with company car and accompanied by fringe benefits. You will start with at least 30 days of holidays and the possibility to work from home.
PaaS Engineer
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