Senior OpenShift Engineer

Senior OpenShift Engineer who wants to implement, maintain and support the platform on which our workloads are running.
IT - DevOps & SRE
IT - Infrastructure

What you’ll be doing & where

Where are you?

Welcome to your future team. As Senior OpenShift Engineer (employee or contractor) you will become an indispensable link in our IT Operations Team headed by Christof Bockstaele.

What you’ll be doing

Within the financial landscape, Isabel Group is a key player with great ambitions. Our multibanking business is a major component of the corporate financial landscape, moving 400 million transactions a year for a total of 2500 Billion euros. A lot is moving in this area with new legislation and new technologies challenging the status quo.

The key challenge for the IT Operations teams is to have applications and infrastructure robust enough to handle these volumes while at the same time having the agility and speed to market of a Fintech.

A lot of new business initiatives are being launched and are supported by adopting state-of-the-art technologies and new methodologies. One of the key components in this landscape is our OpenShift Container Platform, providing the capabilities necessary for supporting this increase in agility.

As OpenShift Engineer you'll be providing a service towards the SRE teams and developers, delivering the platform on which their workloads are running. In general, the platform team is responsible for availability, latency, performance, efficiency, change management, monitoring, emergency response, standardization, security and capacity planning of the platform itself and its supporting services.

• As a Platform Engineer you create a bridge between the SRE teams and the underlying infrastructure by applying a software engineering mindset to system and application administration topics.
• Implement, maintain and support the OpenShift platform across our operational environments (dev, non-prod and prod) in close collaboration and together with the different SRE- and infrastructure teams.
• You ensure that the service is automated and with proper follow-up implemented. To achieve this, you need to combine application development with application administration skills.
• You add and follow up on the non-functional and reliability requirements in the backlog of each feature or product team.
• You lead in defining standards and methodologies around platform engineering and GitOps.
• You will participate in a 24/7 duty roster every 4-5 weeks.

This is how you appear in our dreams

• You have min 5y experience with Kubernetes-based container orchestration platforms.
• You have code writing skills. This specifically around pipeline and automation code.
• You can interact on a technical level with developers, SREs and infrastructure administrators.
• You have a technology leader mindset and are always looking to improve the products/processes and anticipate the upcoming features and tools keeping in mind the existing set.
• You have real working experience with running and supporting OpenShift in a production environment.
• You have a real DevOps, SRE mindset.
• You have expertise and are passionate about technologies related to containerization and OpenShift/Kubernetes (docker, Terraform, Ansible, AWX, Helm, Jenkins, Harbor, Quay, ArgoCD, …).
• Experience with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management and Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security (Stackrox) are a plus.
• You have a strong security mindset and focus, the solutions you propose have security built-in from the start and at financial industry grade.
• You should have knowledge of CI/CD principles and working experience in setting up pipelines and automatic application deployment.
• Good knowledge of infrastructure, meaning, networking (routing, load balancing, firewall), storage (NAS, SAN), virtualization (VMware).
• You take the initiative to challenge the status quo if it improves the quality of the overall product.
• You are at least fluent in English, knowledge of Dutch and/or French are an asset.

Wait, you don’t need to be perfect

We don’t expect a superman/-woman/-person. Yes, we mention a list of requirements, but we are totally aware of the fact that one can’t have it all. People grow along the way and we are happy to assist them on that self-developing path. Besides, we strive for an inclusive culture within our house. So take a deep breath and apply if you are interested.

What kind of company would you be joining?

Our ultimate goal is to set our customers up for success. They count on us to exchange and process documents, payments and identities in a secure way.

You will like our ambition. Isabel Group is a renowned company, counting more than 25 years of fruitful experience and +350 dedicated people. We are Belgium’s biggest fintech player, delivering software services to more than 2000 European banks, 90.000 companies, more than 3600 accountancy offices and 3.9 million people. And we keep growing.

Our constant focus on innovation is fueled by our passion. Keeping it simple results in delighted customers and our co-workers are offered a safe space to speak their mind and challenge the status quo.

You absolutely deserve this

• Flex Income Plan: you have a say in your salary package; you choose the benefits that suit you best
• Laptop, phone and subscription, group and health insurance, meal vouchers
• An annual corporate bonus
• By bus, electric car or bike; we fix the right compensation
• We’d love to see you at least one day in the office. You don’t want to miss fresh fruit and chair massages, do you? That – and more – is our IsaFun!
• We invest in your personal growth by training and coaching
• You work with experienced (fin)tech leaders and solid software tools
• A certified Top Employer bringing together hundreds of driven colleagues
Senior OpenShift Engineer
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